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1868 - The American Benevolent Society (ABS) is founded, preceding the U.S. Embassy Consular Services and the U.S. Social Security System in providing services to those in need, especially for Americans living in Mexico.

1886 - The American Hospital is founded by the ABS in order to provide health care services to the community and complement the private health care system in Mexico.

1898 - The AMERICAN CEMETERY is founded.

World War II - Caza Libros, a used book store, is initially founded to assist with the war effort.

ABS WS - American Hospital 1800s.png

1947 - The American and British Cowdray Hospitals merge to form the American British Cowdry Hospital, which today is respected as one of the finest health care institutions in Mexico.


1960s-70s - , volunteerism was at its peak and the ABS had its own women’s auxiliary. The Society also extended services to the greater Mexican community with the preparation of food baskets for the needy, and a used clothing store.

1985 - The ABS was one of the first community organizations to respond to the disaster resulting from the devastating earthquake. A special program was developed for Mexican amputee victims providing them with comprehensive rehabilitation, counseling, medical attention, economic assistance and prostheses. This successful program was finally terminated in 1991.


1993 - The ABS Senior Center opened its doors at Union Church in Lomas. This center was renamed in 2003 The Connie Laurent Lifelong Learning Center.


1995 - The ABS started a successful Corporate Membership Program in which 20 companies to contribute to the ABS through cash and/or in-kind donations every year.

ABS WS - help to 1985 Earthquake.png

2018 - The ABS celebrated its 150th anniversary serving the American and Mexican community.

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