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ABS Social Services

Looking out for our community

Direct and Indirect Economic Assistance

  • Emergency assistance for basic needs, including food, housing, transportation.

  • Assistance to buy medicines, prosthesis and similar devices.

  • Pensions

  • Scholarships

  • Funerary services

  • Doctors fees

  • Laboratory and imaging costs

  • Wheel chairs, crutches, hospital beds and other physical disability needs

  • Caretakers

  • Transportation

Health Care Referrals

  • Hospitals and other institutions

  • Nursing Homes (ABS has a nursing home directory)

  • Medical Care (Doctors, nurses, nurse's aides)

  • Discount pharmacies, health care programs (VRIM)

Legal Referrals

  • Wills, jobs and rental problems

  • U.S. embassy liaison for federal benefits and citizen services

Home Visits

  • Physical Therapy

  • Doctor and nurse welfare visits

  • Shopping assistance

  • Caretaker


  • Financial management for people with mental impairments or homebound

  • Administration of social security benefits for the impaired


  • Shuttle service to and from events and classes

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

Psychological support 

(Provided by a licensed Social Worker)

  • Advice and consultation on a wide variety of issues and problems

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